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Hajj Ministry

The Ministry of Hajj is the authority that is concerned with the implementation of the State policy connected with Hajj, pilgrims and performers of Umrah.

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Ministry of Hajj is the axial government body that coordinates with all government authorities and sectors that are concerned with Hajj and Umrah, and coordinates and makes arrangements with the officials of Islamic countries, the countries wherein there are Muslim minorities, the heads of the delegations of the Hajj Missions and their representatives, in respect of the organization and arrangements of Hajj, pilgrims and performers of Umrah.

In view of the aforementioned, the Ministry of Hajj takes great care to prepare all the service amenities and provides them with all means of comfort and safety, in preparation for the arrival of the guests of Allah's Inviolable House, and to serve them in the best manner that is acceptable to Allah Almighty and that satisfies the aspirations of the government and optimally promotes and develops such services. The Ministry of Hajj assumes the roles of planning, implementation, supervision and control in order to make sure that the best levels of the services required for the pilgrims of Allah's Inviolable House, Umrah performers and visitors of the Mosque of the Prophet, peace be upon him, are provided.

Ministry of Hajj is directly or indirectly concerned with the provision of such services, or by the local establishments that are concerned with looking after the guests of the Most Merciful, and monitoring the field services that are provided to them. Ministry of Hajj no longer begins preparations for the Hajj season in the months of the Hajj season, as previously; it now rather begins its preparations immediately after the end of a season in preparation for the next one, in addition to its continuous activities throughout the year for the purpose of discharging its duties towards Umrah performers.


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