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Hajj Travelling Agency

Different Hajj travelling agencies are approved by the Ministry of Hajj which should be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Based on this list, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall issue entry visas to individuals through hajj travelling agency in order for them to conclude housing, transport and services contracts.

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Individuals from Hajj travelling agency applying for entry visas, for the sole purpose of concluding housing contracts and transport contracts for pilgrims shall be granted visas only if their names are on the approved list. Hajj Travel agency provides the facilities and services in the season of Hajj, these facilities and services include best quality hotels, transportation, and accommodation in Saudi Arabia. Hajj travel agencies are approved by the government and by the ministry of hajj also provide the facility of entry visa as they are authorized.

Hajj traveling agency provides with different hajj packages in which they give different facilities like  experienced staff accompanies the group of our pilgrims on Hajj, online form submission, we arrange training and counseling session for our pilgrims, accommodations within 500 meters of Haram, over phone support during visa and ticket processing, and option of short duration of Hajj Package.

Hajj travelling agency assumes the responsibility of continuing to provide the necessary services with a high degree of competence. Hajj travelling agency takes into account the aspirations of the private sector that seeks to increase its income and reduce its cost, and makes sure that these religious duties are not transformed into a commercial commodity. Hajj traveling agency have many requirements and are exacting in respect of the quality of services that are provided to them, beginning with the moment of application for a Hajj  visa.


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